Phone call to Jocelyn 10/16/18 ~9pm

Milo lives in San Francisco, but they always call it Bridge City. His husband’s name is Jack, but he always calls him Jackie. He likes to fall asleep listening to him work. He studies the Stars. He’s 29 and too young to be an old professor. He likes to be hurt so he can feel something. Jackie hurts him, even though sometimes he doesn’t want to.

He wants to go to the moon with Jack one day. Sometimes they take their dog, Gyarados for a walk in the park, or down to the beach when it’s not too cold. He proposed at Point Reyes, in the fog, and cried when Jack said yes. He wants to go to the moon together, but sometimes he thinks they are already there.

They keep secrets from each other - Milo thinks Jack keeps his to protect him, and Milo keeps secrets to protect himself. He met a man who promised to hurt him to make him feel good. He got hard, and then the man killed him. Barbara sang him to sleep. He misses Jack every day.

At the end, he told me to put my hands up.

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