Who? Edit

Uncle Thistleberry is Dex's Uncle. He has either physically met some of the AMs or talked to them on the phone and seems like a very nice man.

Important Stuff to Know Edit

Thistleberry is from the Yukon and has showed up unannounced to Dex out of concern in lieu of the recent EM/AM deaths. Thistle and Dex have a system where Thistle will bail out Dex (for 5 times only) in a bad situation, no questions asked.

Suspicions About Thistleberry Edit

Kevin pointed out the fake mustache while several AMs hung out on Sept 2nd. Kevin and Chelsea behaved generally suspicious of Uncle Thistleberry on Sept 2nd. Jack pointed out that, "everyone realizes that no one would be named that, right?"

Uncle Thistleberry also is giving a lot of benefit of the doubt to Investigators Rubble and Beak, saying "they mean well".

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